Steel has a variety of uses and can be a great decorative addition to your home.

It is a great material for DIY Steel projects because of its durability and strength and best of all, it’s made by you!

Here are just a few examples of inspiration for your next DIY Steel Projects.

Steel Vase

Steel Vase by cammers on

diy steel

A steel vase can drastically change the look of your indoor or outdoor setting. It is eye-catching and unusual – which is perfect for a modern look.

On, you can find this specific step-by-step project that shows you how to use basic steel sheets to create angular and funky vases.

For this project you will need sheet metal – preferably a large sheet of at least a metre square. To create the vase you will need to mark out panels of the vase, as this tutorial focuses on angular edges instead of having a rounded base.

You can play around with the style of sheet metal – a checker plate sheet would give a unique aesthetic, as would steel mesh!

Click here to read the full tutorial and see more photos of the finished product.  


Steel Barbecue

Steel Barbeque by Kiteman on

diy steel

Sometimes, customised is better.

This tutorial from shows you how to weld your own steel barbecue.

You will need sheet metal and steel mesh and experience in welding, however the payoff is great. This barbecue is not only customised and created by you, but it is sturdy and long-lasting.

Click here to see the step-by-step tutorial of this backyard steel barbeque!


Paw Print Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener by Natalina on

diy steel

Everyone needs that one bottle opener hanging from their keychain ready to go at any function. So why not give your bottle opener a personal touch by adding a furry friend’s paw print?

This tutorial comes with an outline for your bottle opener which has exact measurements.

The tutorial gives suggestions on what tools to use to cut your bottle opener, so if you are new to metalwork or a seasoned professional, all details are listed.

This bottle opener is a great, compact opener that works for most bottle caps. Read more here!

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