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Mild steel flat bars are available in stock lengths – if you require a different length please select the cut to price product.


*Not all items stocked in warehouse – please call or email for stock availability.
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10×3, 13×3, 13×5, 13×6, 16×3, 16×5, 16×6, 16X8, 20X3, 20X5, 20X6, 20X10, 25X3, 25X5, 25X6, 25X8, 25X10, 25X12, 32X3, 32X5, 32X6, 32X8, 32X10, 32X12, 40X3, 40X5, 40X6, 40X8, 40X10, 40X12, 40X16, 40X20, 50X3, 50X5, 50X6, 50X8, 50X10, 50X12, 50X16, 50X20, 50X25, 65X3, 65X5, 65X6, 65X8, 65X10, 65X12, 65X16, 65X20, 65X25, 75X3, 75X5, 75X6, 75X8, 75X10, 75X12, 75X16, 75X20, 75X25, 75X32, 75X40, 90X6, 90X8, 90X10, 90X12, 90X16, 90X20, 100X3, 100X5, 100X6, 100X8, 100X10, 100X12, 100X16, 100X20, 100X25, 100X32, 100X40, 100 X50, 110X5, 110X6, 110X8, 110X10, 110X12, 130X3, 130X5, 130X6, 130X8, 130X10, 130X12, 130X16, 130X20, 130X25, 130X32, 150X3, 150X5, 150X6, 150X8, 150X10, 150X12, 150X16, 150X20, 150X25, 150X50, 180X6, 180X10, 180X12, 180X20, 200X6, 200X8, 200X10, 200X12, 200X16, 200X20, 200X25, 250X6, 250X8, 250X10, 250X12, 250X16, 250X20, 250X25, 300X6, 300X8, 300X10, 300X12, 300X16, 300X20, 300X25


6000mm, 4000mm, 3000mm