Melsteel recently worked on a project at Oatlands Preschool.


We had the task of setting up the Steel Support Beams for a new section of the school – a new room in between two pre-existing buildings.

The team at Melsteel worked with the client to supply the right size and amount of Steel Support Beams to fit snuggly in the allocated space.  The supplies were ready and soon after, Melsteel’s erection crew came down to Oatlands. For projects that require installation, Melsteel offers on-site installation with our qualified erection crew. Our crew carefully set up the supports with our on-site crane and a steady hand.

steel support beams

Steel Support Beams for this type of project are important. Steel is tough and durable and is a better support for buildings that require longevity.

You may know that some support beams, especially in residential homes, are made of wood or other materials. In residential homes wood may be an option, however in high-traffic buildings such as hospitals, offices, schools and stores, there needs to be safety and assurance of structure.

Steel Support Beams can bear greater weight than other forms of beams, they are fire, rot and pest resistant and they increase the strength of the structure when removing or opening walls or adding heavier building material such as stone, brick or marble.

steel support beams

This is why we love our steel. At Melsteel, we will work with you on any project and help to supply your project with the industrial-grade materials you need to complete the job. We will cut your steel to fit to your requirements and erect on-site with our qualified crew.

This Oatlands Preschool building is ready now for completion and to be used and enjoyed for years to come with its structurally sound supports.

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