Barbeques are one of if not the most Australian thing about summer. Having family and friends around for a barbeque is a part of Australian culture. Having your family and mates around for a barbeque and to watch the cricket is the best way to get yourself to be number one amongst your loved ones. Barmy nights filled with snag, chops and burgers.

Summer is less than a fortnight away and are you ready for backyard parties? Sure, you could have some random barbeque you have bought from your local hardware store, but why not go the extra mile and do yourself a favour and build yourself a steel barbeque. If you’re in need of a brand new barbeque sit back and get ready to hear why the next barbeque you will have will be made from stainless steel.

The one down side about having everyone over for a summer barbeque is the painful job of cleaning the barbeque after use. The best part about having a stainless steel barbeque is how easy they are to clean. Stainless steel is much more durable and is also scratch resident, which means you can really get in and scrub off food that has been left behind without damaging the surface. The surface can be easily cleaned with a damp rag or any other type of gentle cleanser. This can be applied to BBQ benches, tables and steel preparation areas.

Stainless steel barbeque areas also have a non-porous surface which makes them resistant to germs and bacteria. Which makes it better for any germaphobe you might have in your family or friendship group. They are also heat resistant and is designed to withstand high temperatures, as long as you have the right time of stainless steel of course. You’re going to be looking for a stainless steel made with a 304 gauge steel.

Another great point is it will last you year and years to come. Stainless steel is built to last and will be of service to you for many years if looked after properly. In my mind the stainless steel barbeque area is the way to go, easy to clean, germ resistant and heat resistant where can you go wrong?